End of Life Vehicles

Practising Environmental Responsibility

Every year, over half a million vehicles reach the end of their operational lives and enter the waste stream. These vehicles are known as End of Life Vehicles (ELV’s). The number of ELV’s is increasing annually, as new vehicles are becoming cheaper and older vehicles have become more expensive to keep running.

With more than 500,000 vehicles needing disposal every year, it is vital that they are disposed of responsibly. While the metals are easily recycled, there are plastics, rubber, glass, carpet fibres, seat foam, and contaminants such as coolant, oil, fuel, brake fluid, refrigerants and batteries.

Here at Top Spot Auto Dismantlers we ensure that all contaminants are removed to either be recycled responsibly or stored for collection, as we understand the importance of this work.

Our environment depends on it!

The Mount Gambier End of Life Vehicle Centre operates as a division of Top Spot Auto Dismantlers. Located on 12B Wireless Road in East Mount Gambier, we remove all contaminants from ELV’s under controlled conditions and ensure they are stored or recycled responsibly.

We understand the impact these contaminants can have on our environment if they are not properly disposed of through a structured process of decontamination.

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12B Wireless Road, East Mount Gambier

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